Xiao Yi is a special lady, she was born on November 26th 2012. She is a throw back for her Grandfather “Rusty”. Xiao Yi has Rusty’s calic on top of her head and has his eyes. Xiao Yi is a tiny girl at only 14” and 26 pounds. Xiao Yi’s name means “Little One”.

Xiao Yi was the smallest in the litter and needed help with feeding, and after spending so much time with her, I just couldn't let her go :) She has had seven wonderful litters and she has had some beautiful chocolates, take a look at the top puppy! Xiao Yi’s puppies have superior temperaments, and are very smart!

Xiao Yi is now retired, her daughter Viola will be taking her place.

Text Box: Xiao Yi’s

Dutton’s Xiao Yi

N.K.C. Registered

Pedigree: Dutton’s Rusty

                 Dutton’s Nikia

                 Dutton’s Daisy Mae

                 Batman Lemon Bolt

                 CH. Alamo’s Bulls Eye

                 CH. Lanbur Moonlight’N Roses

                 CH. Pacific’s Touch Of Daniel

                 FC. Crane Creek Billy

                 FC. Weed Wader Melody

                 Pine View Jumpin Jack

      Xiao Yi at 2 weeks                    Xiao Yi at 3 weeks old            Having a nice nap with River after

                                                                                                                      a good feeding :)


 First solid food :)                             6 weeks old                            Making a big mess in her kennel at          

                                                                                                                          feeding time!


               Nap time:)                          Xiao Yi with her best friend Basil :)        Xiao Yi in my window lol

 Xiao Yi at almost 1 year old 2014


     “Batman Lemon Bolt”

    “Grand Mother”                “Grand Father” 

   “Dutton’s Nikia”               “Dutton’s Rusty”

Some of Xiao Yi’s


Xiao Yi’s Dad (Bolt) came for a visit this Spring! (2015)  I had to get a family portrait! lol

Xiao Yi  4 1/2 Years old  Summer 2017.    Hanging in the house

Xiao Yi is asking Lavender if her breath is bad lol

Text Box:                         Dutton Beagles
           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”


  “Dutton’s Daisy Mae”

Litter in 2018.

Enjoying the Summer sun.

Sleeping with her puppies.

Making her Daddy feel better when he is sick.

      “Grand Mother”                   “Grand Father”               

     “Pine View Molly”            “Pine View Jumping Jack”