Text Box: Viola’s

Dutton’s Thundering Viola Black Magic

N.K.C. Registered

Pedigree: Thunder MTN Dark Ralph

                 Dutton’s Xiao Yi

                 FC Johnston’s Pro Mister

                 Four River’s Black Cooter

                 Batman Lemon Bolt

                 FC Choptalk Little Cooter

                 Dutton’s Daisy Mae

                 Pine view Jumping Jack

                 Dutton’s Rusty

                 CH. Alamo’s Bulls Eye

                 CH. Lanbur Moonlight’ N Roses

                 CH. Pacific’s Touch Of Daniel

                 Dutton’s Nikia

                 Hard Times Two timing Lady

                 FC Pack Gap Chop-A-Lot Preacher

                 FC. Crane Creek Billy

                 FC. Weed Wader Melody



Text Box:                         Dutton Beagles
           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”


“Dutton’s Xiao Yi”                                                                                        


    “Grand Mother”

  “Dutton’s Daisy Mae”

    “Dutton’s Daisy Mae’s Parents”

   “Dutton’s Nikia”      “Dutton’s Rusty”

         “Grand Father”

    “Batman Lemon Bolt”

Thunder Viola Black Magic          

           Two days old

4 months old

Viola and Rosemary’s first trip to Tubbs Hill (Summer 2019)

         6 Weeks old

Visiting with residents from Garden Plaza

(5 weeks old)

First day in the pasture with her Sister.

Dutton’s Thundering Viola Black Magic is my special    lady continuing our original line that we started with.

N.K.C. Registered, she was born on May 23, 2019.
When I originally started with breeding, I wanted to have Beagles mainly with white in their coat, now I have her……… I love her dark colors.

Viola is pure field beagle! Viola is a sensitive, smart and  a loving lady. Standing at 15” with great agility.

I can’t wait to see her babies!!! 


5 Weeks old

6 Months old

            “Grand Mother”                                “Grand Father”

“Hard Times Two Timing Ruby”        “Four River’s Black Cooper”      

Viola at 9 months

              “ Father”

“Thunder Mtn. Dark Ralph”                                                                                                                                            


My toys

Get down Viola!!!

           “Batman Lemon Bolt’s Parents”                         

   “Pine View Molly”     “Pine View Jumping Jack”

     “Hard Times Two Timing Ruby Parents” 

“One– Eyed Jack’s Sally”   “Bell City Luck”

        “Four River’s Black Cooper Parents” 

“Ceder Creek Penny”   “FC Wright’s Little Deacon “  

1 year old