Text Box: Rosemary’s

Dutton’s Rosemary Dew of The Sea

 A.K.C. & N.K.C. Registered.

Pedigree: Thunder MTN Dark Ralph

                  Dutton’s Basil Ann

                  CH Lanbur That’s MY Man Oler

                  CH Murphy Creek’s Pay Day

                  FC Choptalk Little Cooter

                  FC Wright’s Little Deacon

                  FC Johnston’s Pro Mister

                  Four River’s Black Cooter

                  Sam’s Number One Son Oler

                  Murphy-Three Times A Lady

                  FC Pack Gap Chop-A-Lot Preacher

                  Hillcrest Zack

                  FC Pack Gap Chop-A-Lot Preacher

                  FC. Crane Creek Billy

                  FC. Weed Wader Melody




           “Grand Mother”                     “Grand Father”                         “Grand Mother”                  “Grand Father”                                                 

Murphy-Three Times Lady            Sam’s Number One Son Oler           Hard Times Two Timing Ruby    Four River’s Black Cooper      

Text Box:                         Dutton Beagles
           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”

Dutton’s Basil Ann                                                                Thunder MTN Dark Ralph

         Mother                                                                                          Father

Rosemary 4 weeks old                                  Rosemary 3 days old

She is 2 1/2 months old, she and her           

Sister had a first day out in the pasture.                                      


Rosemary 9 months old     What a beautiful lady

Rosemary’s first outing to Tubbs Hill with her Sister Viola.

   Modeling on the bench

Rosemary at age  9 months.

Sweet lady

Rosemary is from some lovely bloodlines, her parents are beautiful examples of both show and field beagles.

I would say she has a wonderful personality, sweet and confident in the world around her. I look forward to seeing her grow and make lovely puppies.