For years I wanted a Beagle. In 2001 We got our first Beagle, her name was “Nikia”.  Over the years I’ve educated myself and still I’m always looking for a new book or something that will help me in the knowledge about Beagles.  I decided I wanted to try breeding back in 2002, I found a male named Rusty and that’s how we got started :) Breeding takes a lot of education, care and hard work.  I spend over 3 hours a day caring for our Beagles, and I love it :)

Over the last 18 years, I have acquired a large amount of knowledge in the breeding of beagles, who they are and what they need in life. We have had over 300 happy customers, some have even been repeat buyers and many new buyers are referred from friends and family that know us. I have a couple goals for the next few years, one is to learn agility and have someone experienced in showing, want one of my dogs for show.

 My dream would be to have the “Dutton Beagles” name known in the dog world.


The kids with Daisy, Nikia, Peaches and Finley. 2008. (RIP ALL)

Dutton Beagles playing in the snow 2007

           Rest in peace my dears

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Nikia with one of our rescues  Maggie 2011

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My Daughter Nicole – Friend Joyce and I, delivering Ellie the beagle, to her forever home and family :) 2012.

Rocky & Libby 4 months old  2013

Dressing up is always fun :)

         RIP MY DEARS

Lavender getting a good back rub :)

Dutton’s Daisy Mae 2017

 Rest in peace my dear

Me and one of our rescues “Mollie”

Some of our family over the years

Dutton Beagles 2017

Rosemary & Viola on their first trip to Tubbs Hill.  Summer 2019.

Xiao Yi enjoying the sun 2018, age 5 1/2 years.

Bo Beau & Basil Ann 2019

Xiao Yi is ready to be done with this pregnancy!

Libby with her 2018 litter.

          Denali & I 2005

    Rest in peace my dear

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           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”


    Enjoy the Summer and we will update the website this Fall when Puppies are expected!!!!