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  “Home Of The Hounds Kennel LLC”

We have started to bring the community to our kennel. Educating people and sharing the joy of Beagles to everyone that wants to come visit. It is a proven fact that puppies can bring down blood pressure and of course, bring joy to anyone.  We want to continue to get more community involved!

Text Box: The Community 

We had a total of 37 Residents from “Garden Plaza” in Post Falls Idaho come for a visit in June 2017! Everyone needs a little puppy therapy!          

(Update 2018) Garden Plaza was unable to come for a visit do to transportation problems.


                  We hope they can come for a visit in 2019.


(update 2019) Garden plaza will be coming for a visit in May 2019!!

We should have about 30 residents coming!


Here in Hauser there is also a Sanctuary for deaf and blind dogs, these people are wonderful, hard working people that I call my friends.


                           “Double J Dog Ranch”

Cristene Justus runs Double J Dog Ranch, Inc. She shares her 50 acres and home in Hauser Lake, Idaho with the animals.  The dogs experience a home environment vs. institutional living.  They receive care from a dedicated team of professionals, including health care, nutrition and behavior.  Cristene’s mission is To rescue, re-home or offer sanctuary to White Aussie's and other special needs dogs in jeopardy of euthanasia.  Offer hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia for dogs at municipal shelters.  Educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter, unethical breeding practices, and what wonderful pets animals with special needs are. Please check out her website!



All of our proceeds from rescues go to “Double J Ranch” to help with care of the needy dogs there at the Ranch. Some years we don’t have rescues so we just donate as much as we can those years. 10% of our puppy sales goes to the ranch no matter what!