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Since 2005 we have taken in dogs as rescues. Sometimes people just need help and if I have the means, I will do my best to find their dog a happy home. Some dogs we have received need health or training improvement, plus they may need to be spayed/ neutered before adoption. Many of the rescue dogs that we receive needed training, we do what is necessary with training and or rehabilitation before we find new homes for them, if we are lucky they are all set and ready to find new homes when we first get them :-)      Adoption fee is $200.00. 100% of adoption fees go to “Double J Ranch”



All of our past rescues are

             down below

 (Jack) Went to  a senior that needed companionship.

(Annie) stayed here for 2 years, she needed a lot of rehabilitating. Now she lives with a nice family.

(Bolt) was with us for over two years and now lives in Post Falls Idaho, with a loving family of 4.


(Dahlia) stayed for 4 months and now lives with a young couple and another Beagle.

(Bunny) came to us as a puppy to be put down by her breeder because she was partially blind and death, and we couldn't watch that happen!  We found her a great home and her new owners started a deaf and blind dogs foundation because of her. Please checkout their website.


(Maggie) was with us for almost 4 years and finally found her forever family and lives in a loving home in southern California.

(Cash) was our first. He went to a family with another boxer.

(Molly) found a home in a couple of weeks, she now lives near Boise Idaho


Here in Hauser there is a Sanctuary for special needs dogs, these people are wonderful, hard working people that I call my friends.


                                                                        “Double J Dog Ranch”

Christine Justus runs Double J Dog Ranch, Inc. She shares her 50 acres and home in Hauser Lake, Idaho with the animals.  The dogs experience a home environment vs. institutional living.  They receive care from a dedicated team of professionals, including health care, nutrition and behavior.  Christine's mission is To rescue, re-home or offer sanctuary to White Aussie's and other special needs dogs in jeopardy of euthanasia. She offers hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia for dogs at municipal shelters, and educates the public about the importance of spay/neuter, unethical breeding practices, and what wonderful pets animals with special needs are. Please check out her website!         



100% of the money from our rescues goes to “Double J Ranch” to help with care of the needy dogs, there at the Ranch.

Some years we don’t have rescues so we just donate as much as we can on those years.

2% of our puppy sale profit goes to the ranch no matter what!

(Lucy) was 4 months when her owners decided they couldn’t care for her. We found her a home in a week! Her new name is Peaches.

(Ralf) was given up because he person was very ill and couldn’t care for him any more. Ralf stayed with us for 6 months and we used him for a stud to make our new ladies. He is a hansom boy! He is now with a nice couple here in North Idaho.

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