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                          Home Of The Hounds Kennel Questionnaire

1. Have you ever had a dog before? _____________. If so, what type(s) of dog? ______________________________________

How long did you have it /them, and if you no longer have a dog, why ?_____________________________________________


2. Are there children in the family? ____________How many?__________ What ages? _______________________________.

3. Do you live in a house, apartment, condo est. ? _______________________________________________________________.

4. Do you rent your home?  Yes ________     No_________    Dose your landlord allow dogs?__________________________.

5. Do you own your home? Yes__________    No__________ How long at this residents?______________________________.

6. Family pets can be expensive, what is your family’s annual income______________________________________________.

7. Do you have a fenced yard? ___________Please describe_______________________________________________________


8. What other pets do you have ?_____________________________________________________________________________.

9. Do you plan to have your puppy attend obedience training? ___________. What kind? _____________________________.

10. Do you plan to Show your puppy?_________________. Competitions?_________________. Breed?__________________.

11. What is the main reason for getting a beagle at this time? _____________________________________________________


12. On an average, how many hours a day would your puppy be left alone.__________________________________________.

13. Do you need shipping? _________. Preference for airport_____________________________________________________.

14. Do you want a male of a female?______________________.  What Litter?_______________________________________.

15. How did you hear about us?_______________________________________________________________________________.

Please be aware and/or willing to learn about the cost involved in veterinary care, including annual shots, spaying/neutering, purchasing a good quality dog food, boarding the dog when you are away, license fees, etc. Please understand, you are taking on the responsibility of other living creature who will, for the rest of its life, be dependent upon you. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



Phone # (            ) _______-______________ Email_____________________________________________________

If mailing, please mail to : Mechelle Dutton P.O. Box  704 Newman Lake, WA. 99025


If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, please fill out the questionnaire, either send it e-mail,  or send it in the snail-mail.

If you have any problems Please e-mail me at:duttonbeagles@yahoo.com


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Some people want to know why it costs so much to buy from a breeder, this is our experience. We work hard to make sure our Beagles are genetic free from some of the problems, like, Factor V11, which is a bleeding disorder and Musladin-Lueke Syndrome (MLS) Which is Chinese Beagle syndrome. To do the two tests, its over $200.00 per dog. We also do Blood/Urine evaluations which cost about the same, and Brucellosis testing before they are considered for breeding stock, if they are from another home. When we buy a new breeding Beagle, we look very hard to find a Beagle with great family history with CH. in Field and/or Show. A Beagle like this to buy is between $1,200.00 to $1,800.00 each, then we do all the testing and if all goes well, we will have a new dog for breeding :) sometimes it doesn't work out and we get a family pet, or we find it another home. The other factor that goes into our costs is listed below, we do our best to raise these puppies like family and there is a great cost even before the new families receive their puppy. This is a list of supplies, and what it takes for me to bring an average litter of 5 Beagles to their new families at 8 weeks of age.

This is “Per litter of 5

$25.00 office supplies

$150.00 electricity, website & water.

$1,400.00 food, medical and supplies for two parents for the year

$200.00 first shot and health exam by Vet.

$10.00 de-worming

$100.00 cleaning supplies like paper towels, bleach cleaner, rubber gloves, puppy pads and garbage bags.

$15.00 towel washing

$25.00 bedding

$15.00 puppy washing, trimming and grooming

$100.00 puppy food

$30.00 toys

$50.00 training book

$75.00 collar & lead.

$35.00 litter registration

Totaling $2,150.00, divided by an average of 5 puppies a litter, and raised for the customer to receive at 8 weeks of age. ($430.00 each)  When I have more puppies and/or more litters, cost comes down. With three litters a year, on an average it costs me about $400.00 per puppy. The time I put into them is free because I love the breed :), and the profit goes back into the kennel to keep our Beagle world, going around and around and around :)

Cost of a puppy from “Home Of The Hounds Kennel”

Without any medical emergences or improvements to the kennel.

It runs us around $4,500.00 a year to feed and care for our 7 Beagles.

The problem is, we are always improving our Beagles lives, so it dose cost more than that per year, lol. In 2015/2016 we put in around $10,00.00 to build a shop for them, last year (2018) we just about finished the inside of the shop, which cost about $4,000.00. 2019 we have got the final touches done in the shop, next year we will be able to use it at full capacity for our Beagles!