I have been a Beagle Mom for over 18 years. People that know me, know and accept I知 a little obsessed. Beagles are what make me happy and my human family has embraced them as their own. Over the years our website has grown very much, this page has some of the letters from families that have adopted our babies. Please read, and if you would like to talk to some of them, I can contact them and give them your e-mail or phone #. We have MANY happy families and most stay in touch, some even come for visits and sometimes I even Beagle-sit.

Text Box: The Letter

Copper is doing so good, as you can see he has his own chair, he has learned lay-down, stay, load-up, and leash.. he does great riding in the car (doesn稚 like the truck..its LOUD) but we are very happy, he had a great time this morning in the first snow...LOL

We will be going to the vet next month to get 'snipped' and remove dew claws..

Thanx for such a great pup....


Just thought that I would let you know how she is doing. She is my absolute baby! she goes everywhere

with me and loves playing with other dogs. She loves my old yellow lab bo and my boyfriends chesi, Griz.

She definitely runs the house. She knows sit and lay down and loves all my cats. Her favorite place to

sleep is on the back of the couch.. She has a bed in front of the fire place and she is a big hoarder! she will

take all of her toys and treats and keep them in her bed until she is ready to eat the treats or play with

the toys. Her stuffed cow is her favorite. She has freckles galour! She is doing wonderful and I'm so glad

that I got her. Thank you so much for the wonderful beagle puppy :)

--Jamie Berks

Just read your email. We so appreciate all of your communication regarding a new puppy.
As it stands, we would still be interested in considering a pup from a summer litter. Will you keep us informed?
You are a fantastic breeder! We feel so confident with you helping us to find a new member of our family. We are saddened that you have had to deal with these difficulties.
All our best,
David and LouAnn



Greetings Mechelle!
Lucy is coming on Friday! I'm so excited! We want to see her first before we make a full commitment but I know the second I see her I will melt. My old beagle is still with me but getting more lumps all the time and since I know I'll crack up when she passes I really wanted another dog to have so the loss won't be as great. I gave Snickers to my daughter and they are enraptured with each other. I became Gramma to Snickers and so when Sara does move out some day I'll be looking for another beagle. Do I love beagles? YEAH I do!!! Thank you Mechelle for your dedication to the breed. We love our pets and they are a huge part of our family.
Sincerely Mary Ellen Curtis
Hey Michelle:

We were visiting your site today, just seeing how things are going. The pictures always make me smile....your beagles are so beautiful!

I've attached a couple pics of my "girls" from last fall -- they were helping me out in the garden. They are such a joy in our lives! I took them through an intensive dog training course last year, but I had more to learn then they did!

Maddie's such a little piggy and constantly snorts like her dad--I have a tough time keeping her weight down, but she's so adorable, everyone is always giving her treats!

Arlee has developed into a gorgeous dog with her chestnut coloring. I get so many compliments on her and she is so intelligent and athletic. Both dogs have wonderful friendly dispositions and I couldn't be happier with them!

I hope all is well with you.

--Suzanne Brown

We again thank you so very much for bringing our Beagle babies to us. Bullet was thrilled with Sophie from the moment he met her. They are inseparable! They run around the backyard, smuggle with each other on the couches, and are a great fit for our family. They bring us so much happiness as you well know.

Text Box: Thanks, again, for our Bullet and Sophie!

Text Box: Hi Mechelle,

Text Box: Blue has adjusted to life at the Taylor house just fine.  I have been very fortunate in that I've worked from home almost exclusively since we brought him home, so we have spent lots of time together. He is such a sweet boy, and the perfect dog for us!  It took us about four days to figure out he will not sleep in his crate, but he sleeps just fine between us in bed.  He is fully potty trained and completed his first two puppy classes! We start puppy manners II next week. He has already learned most of the common tricks and he walks nicely on a leash (with a regular collar) . The instructor loves him and comments all the time on what a good boy he is.



Hello, Mechelle

We just wanted to give you an update on Ellie (pink) and send some recent pictures.  She is a doll, we adore her, she is a wonderful dog and so smart.  She has recently graduated from her Intermediate behavior training class and is doing great with commands and tricks.  I know that you will not be having any litters until next year but if you have any rescues come your way, we would love to have another as she would love a playmate.  I hope all is going well with all of you.  Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family.









We take him to puppy daycare at a couple different places just for the exercise and the socialization and to give us some separation, he is my little shadow.  He is the favorite at both places and they can't say enough nice things about him.

All the books and stories I heard about how loud they can be are not true in his case.  Blue only howls when he is frustrated at a toy or if you won't play with him or in rare cases if you sing certain songs to him.  My Dad loves the Jersey Boys, Blue either loves them or hates them, because if he hears Sherry, he will howl, it is so funny!  I take him for 3 mile walks and he never barks or howls at the other dogs.  He is so beautiful and we just love him to death!  Thank you for being such an awesome breeder and lover of beagles!

Here are a couple photos of him. He is 23lbs now.

Take care and have a great holiday season! Marci


Hi Mechelle

Here are a few pictures of Hazel! We can't believe she is almost 1 year old coming up this next week. She is an amazing girl, with lots of energy and lots of love! Feel free to post any of these pictures on your website to show her off a little(:
The Bucknums


Happy New Year! 

Attached is a long deserved photo of our little girl.  She is growing up to be quite a sweetheart.  She has a heart of gold and loves everyone she meets.  Our oldest grandson and her are the best of friends.  She loves to snuggle with me all the time and play fetch, tug of war and peek a boo.  When she gets her nails clipped she just lays there and doesn't move a hair.  I have never had a four legged friend like her.  She is one of a kind and I am blessed to have her in my life.  Thank you, Kellie Frakes


Hi Mechelle,

We got our beagles from you 2 years ago.  They have both gained some extra weight and we are trying to find a food that will help them lose weight.  Do you have any suggestions?  They do not eat any people food nor do we feed them any kind of treat.  They only get dog food twice a day.  We started them on a food from Petco called Natural Balance Fat Dog food in November and haven't really seen much change.  Buster is a 17 inch and weighs 51.8 lbs, and Paisley is a 13 inch and weighs 44.0.  We would appreciate any help you can give us.  We really want our dogs to be healthy.  Thank you so much.

Donna Harrington

Text Box: Hi Donna, as long as the dog food is high in protein and low in corn or even absent, any food should be good. Buster should be at about 40lbs and Paisley should be around 30lbs. Our dogs eat Purina One, they do now have a higher protein one that just came out last year also. Depending on how active they are will determine how much they get for food. if they are house dogs that don't get out to run and play for most of the day, they aren't getting enough cardio, if needed please increase this. Distract them with games, that will keep them more active and keep their mind kind of off food lol. Rawhides are a good meditation for them and low in calories. Paisley should be getting 1 1/2 cups of food a day, Buster 2 cups a day. Use a measuring cup for accuracy. I know this doesn't look like much especially divided into two meals, and they will complain for a while, but their stomach will shrink and they will adjust. 


Text Box:  

Good luck, its a challenge but it can be done, I have had rescue dogs come to me very fat and it did take time but I did get them down to what they were supposed to be. keep me posted :) Mechelle Dutton

Hello again Mechelle

Text Box: Thank you sooo much for the info.  It seems the dogs go out and eat things in the yard like snow berries and bark.  I don't know if f those things have calories too, but they are always eating something outside.  It's really hard to play with them in their yard as it has so many trees and bushes and ....right now .... snow.  We are talking of expanding their yard so that there is an open area where we can throw a ball or run with them, but that won't be until the winter thaw.  For now we have been throwing the ball in the house for them to play, but they only want to do that a few times, and then they lay down and chew on the ball or they wrestle each other for the ball.  I know it's a work in progress and we need to strive for less weight on them for healthier happy dogs.  
Text Box: Thanks again!   Donna Harrington


Hi, Mechelle
Here is a couple pictures of our babies. Its been years but I thought you might to see them.
Ida & Kevin Stowe

Oh thank you guys, today was the best day to see some of Nikia's babies, you know we lost her a few months ago and it has been very hard for me. Thank you very much! Have a great Spring and a wonderful year.

Mechelle Dutton



Hello Mechelle!

Your card is beautiful and a pleasure to receive! Thanks!

Here's a photo of Suzy, taken today, Dec. 14. Coincidentally, I thought just yesterday of sending you a picture but hesitated because I wanted to show her size graphically and that would have taken longer than I had.

Your card arrived today and made me do it, but the ruler didn't work, the tape measure didn't work and the carefully designed, computer-generated graphic didn't work, so I'll just tell you: She's short, only 11 inches at the shoulder. Our other beagle, buster, is tall, 16 inches. Together, they make a cute "father-daughter" couple.

If we hadn't had Suzy spayed, she would have been great for anyone wanting to develop a breed of garbage disposals. During the cooking of meals, Buster watches from the living room while Suzy crouches by my side, waiting for something to fall. (Usually it does.) When we put dishes in the dishwasher we very often have to haul Suzy out before closing the door. We're careful, though. We don't want to wash her to death. She's a good dog.

She has an excellent personality, and is very much like Buster. Both will fetch a stick; neither will return it. Both lie by the fire or on the couch, and both change rooms when we do. They don't like my office, so they take up residence in the family room behind it until I leave for the living room. Then we all traipse in there together.

Taking them for a walk is fairly easy because we can leash Buster and let Suzy roam. She never strays far from her friend. We tried a free-rein trip into the hills behind the house, though, and that didn't work out well. They picked up a scent together and disappeared for more than an hour. Since there's a game warden here who shoots dogs that chase deer, that had to stop.

If there is anything wrong with Suzy, we haven't seen it, except, I suppose for her size, which I'm sure isn't AKC-perfect. It's good for us, though, because we bought a condo in Florida and she's small enough to meet the rules when we begin to winter there. She'd have to diet for a week or so, but she can make the 20-pound maximum. Buster will have to visit his uncle Jason in Atlanta.

Have a beagle Christmas!



Text Box:

Text Box: Just wanted to let you know that Beth and Keeka are doing great. Keeka is starting to mellow a little, but is still very playful. The boys love them both, but Keeka is their favorite since she plays more than Beth. Keeka is so strong, she pulled Liam (50 lbs) across the floor while he was holding on to their wrestling rope! I don't want to hurt her teeth, so that is not allowed, but it was hilarious when she did it! Liam claims Keeka as his own dog and he is really good about cleaning up their messes outside and both boys share the job of feeding them (with my supervision - they are both the perfect weight 28 - 30 lbs - and I don't want to overfeed or underfeed).  Beth is starting to show her age - her muzzle is sporting a few new white hairs - but she is still always the first one ready to go for a walk!  Beth is the sweetest, most loving, and gentle little dog and I am so happy to see that you are continuing her bloodline by keeping one of Daisy Mae's puppies! I look at pictures of Daisy Mae and Nikia on your site and Beth looks so much like them! 
Text Box: Anyway, I thought I would share a few new pics of the girls with you and I hope all your hounds are doing great as well! :) Bernadette

Hi Mechelle!

This is Bernadette Bentz (Beth's mommy -she was born 9/11/02).  Well, we lost Sadie due to thyroid complications among other things back in May (we had bought her from a different breeder in
Moses Lake because at the time you did not have any puppies).  Beth seems to be doing well, but at times she seems a bit lonely for doggy companionship.  We were wondering if you were planning on having any non-AKC puppies in the spring?  Beth is the sweetest dog we have ever had and we would love another puppy from her bloodline (I believe Daisy Mae is her sister).  Or, Rich was wondering if you would be interested in trading for 2 Southwest Airlines stand-by passes for one of the puppies you have ready now or in the spring? Thanks!

~ Bernadette


Hello Mechelle,

We have decided to get a sibling for Bullet and are ready to wait for one of your litters.  Will you please put us on a waiting list?  Do we need to give you $100 for this commitment?
>Waiting to hear,
>David and LouAnn Reamer
>...and Bullet, the Beagle!

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Hi Mechelle,

I'm not sure if you remember or not but I am Nicole Gibbs, the one that bought Olive in October.  I've been meaning to e-mail you and let you know how she is doing.  She is now called Scout and we absolutely love her to death!  She gets along great with our other two beagles, especially the red and white one.  We take them all on frequent hikes to places that are nearby our home and she can't get enough of it.  It didn't take her long to warm up to us.  By the first night she was acting like she knew our place was her new home.  She is such a social butterfly and loves to cuddle with anyone who will let her.  We were very lucky to get her and I hope you know she is in good and loving hands. 

I have attached a few pictures for you...she isn't much bigger than when we picked her up. 

Nicole Gibbs

Text Box: Hi Nicole
Text Box: Yes of course I remember you Thank you for giving me a update and pictures. I'm glad to hear that things worked out. Poor Olive, now Scout, had such a sad start with finding a family, I do my best to find good homes but sometimes you miss judge people. I'm happy to see you all doing well and I would love to hear from you anytime.


Laura Majors

Hi Mechelle,

Text Box: I moved and packed up Reji's info and it is still packed, but was wondering if u could tell me when he was born in June? It was 2012, and I got him in August. Daisy was the mother correct?


Hello again, Reji痴 birthday is June 12th 2012. :-)

He is such a great dog! Thank you so much! 

Text Box:                         Dutton Beagles
           滴ome Of The Hounds Kennel

i couldnt keep him out of the water. never seen a beagle like water so much.  he would jump off the raft any time he wanted to, i couldnt stop him. i must have stoped 20 times. any time he saw somthing on shore or some one he knew he would have to go and check it out.  THANKS FOR THE PERFECT OUTGOING BEAGLE!    dave armstrong  of mead WA.

Hello    I just thought that I would stop in and wish you guys a merry christmas, and let you know I did change Lucky's name to Cooper and he is doing awesome. I want to thank you guys so much and once again wish you the best for the holidays.   nic

Hi Mechelle
Thought you壇 like to see some photos of Mr. B! We love him so much. He is such a great puppy. Thank you so much!!

Hi Mechelle,

Emmie is doing really well and she is a
perfect fit for us. She is getting big, almost 10 lbs now. She hardly ever barks, when she does boy can she be heard though., lol! She is crate trained now and can sleep by herself just as well as with another dog. She rarely has a pee indoors and never poo anymore. She can chew through things fast so we have lost a few binkies but I now have a steady supply of chew sticks! :) She loves to play but also loves to be held which is so nice. She is doing well with the sit command and I haven't had much time for other training yet. She kind of reminds me of her grandma Blondie a bit. Boy, Olive sure looks like her mama! Hope all is well and you like the pics!

Hutchison's and
Hounds :)


Thanks for letting Scott and I come over today to see the
beagles and to meet you and your family. We wanted to share with you a few pictures of our beagle, Belle. We had a great time! Thank you again!

Donna and Scott Harrington