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                Doubled Registered A.K.C/N.K.C.

Beagle puppies sale for $1,000.00 each, Male or Female. 

N.K.C. Beagles sale for $900.00 each, Male or Female

 “I do not sell any puppies without a Registration.”






Shipping is $550.00 anywhere in the U.S.A. The price for shipping covers the health certificate, which the airlines require ($75.00), the crate for shipping ($44.00), the airfare ($386.00 at this time, 2018), my gas and time to prepare for shipping and travel to airport.

We don’t ship in the months of  July or August, or between December thru February, due to extreme weather. Full payment for puppy and shipment must be made 1 week before shipment date.

I will drive up to 300 miles one way, (In the USA) to deliver your puppy in person, or to meet up with you, to shorten your trip, for a fee of $1.00 per mile one way. This works well if you live close, no shipping puppy/stressing him/her out, or stress going to the airport!




      Please Read!   Please Read!   Please Read!   


                     Picking up your puppy



Puppies are ready to go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age. Pick-up dates will be posted on the litter page. We are more than happy to work with you on a pick-up date that is best for you and your puppy, if you need to pick up after the posted pick-up dates, we will have to charge a $10.00 a day boarding fee till pick-up is achieved.

When you come to get your puppy, please pay any remaining balance owed in “CASH”, no checks will be excepted at this time.

For you and your puppy’s safety while driving, please bring a kennel for your puppy’s trip home, and if it is a long trip home, please also bring a water bowl, and a bottle of water. When you take your puppy out for a “Outside Potty” on your trip home, please DO NOT take him to the designated potty place at rest stops or parks, he hasn’t had all his shots yet and can get very sick if he comes in contact with something.

A.K.C. Registered Puppies only:  Please bring a Check in the needed amount to cover your registration fees at pick-up, or we can use a credit card. We will fill out the form and send it with the payment that day. Here are your options you can do in your registration.

Your puppy will come home with a puppy packet, in this puppy packet there will be the puppy’s health record, bill of sale, registration papers, training papers, collar, lead, bedtime toy and more.


Please let me know what color you would like in your puppy’s packet.

Brite Purple


Hunter Green

Flamingo Pink

Electric Lime

Malibu Blue

Dk. Blue


Fuchsia Pink

Brite Blue

Deposits are $400.00 for one puppy and are excepted after pregnancy is confirmed to hold your place in the litter.

Please make all checks out to my name, “Mechelle Dutton”.

          Am I ready for a puppy?  Please consider…….


1. Do I have enough time for a pet? Daily care includes affection, grooming, feeding, training and exercising.

2. Do I have adequate space and housing area (including a secure yard) for a dog?

3. Can I afford veterinary care, licensing, food, training and grooming costs? This can run up to thousands of dollars a year.

4. What would I do with my dog when I go on vacation or have to travel for my job?

5. Am I willing to obey community laws concerning animals?

6. Am I willing to be patient in training and housebreaking?

7. Can I deal with my favorite shoes being mauled, my furniture being chewed and all of the messes and accidents pets have?

8. Are my children responsible enough to help care for the dog? Will they be gentle with it and treat it well?

9. What happens if I move? Am I willing to deal with the frustrations of finding Bowser-friendly housing?

10. Am I willing to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life? Have I ever made a commitment that spans 15 years or more?

“Home Of The Hounds Kennel” will have all vaccinations required for your puppy for his/her age. Only the best of vaccines will be administered. Your puppy will be dewormed as many times as necessary for his/her age, and a check up at the veterinarian will also be provided, prior to you receiving your puppy.

Please check out the A.K.C website for information on registrations.

Dog Registration Only


Registration + Reunite


Registration + Pedigree (Silver package)


Registration + Pedigree  (Silver package) + Reunite


Registration + Pedigree + 1 year AKC Magazine subscription + training DVD  (Gold package)


Registration + Pedigree + 1 year AKC Magazine subscription + training DVD (Gold package) + Reunite