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Reserve Puppy List

Want a puppy?

Please fill out  the questionnaire and send it to us.

How do I get on the Reserve Puppy list?:


1. Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to me.

2. Once you are accepted , I will e-mail to let you know.

3. Call at any time, I’m more than happy to answer any questions.

4. A $200.00 deposit will hold your place on the list.

5. I do new postings every Monday night when puppies are here.

          Am I ready for a puppy?


1. Do I have enough time for a pet? Daily care includes affection, grooming, feeding, training and exercising.

2. Do I have adequate space and housing area (including a secure yard) for a dog?

3. Can I afford veterinary care, licensing, food, training and grooming costs? This can run up to thousands of dollars a year.

4. What would I do with my dog when I go on vacation or have to travel for my job?

5. Am I willing to obey community laws concerning animals?

6. Am I willing to be patient in training and housebreaking?

7. Can I deal with my favorite shoes being mauled, my furniture being chewed and all of the messes and accidents pets have?

8. Are my children responsible enough to help care for the dog? Will they be gentle with it and treat it well?

9. What happens if I move? Am I willing to deal with the frustrations of finding Bowser-friendly housing?

10. Am I willing to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life? Have I ever made a commitment that spans 15 years or more?

            Basil’s litter:



First Pick: Angeles Family

Second Pick: Ross Family

Third Pick: McCartney Family

Forth Pick: Scofield Family

Fifth Pick: Ericson Family

Sixth Pick: Peterson Family

Seventh Pick: Rendine Family



First Pick: Moskalets Family

Second Pick: Scofield Family

Third Pick: Rendine Family






Xiao Yi’s Litter:



First Pick: Comstock Family

Second Pick: Angeles Family

Third Pick: Ross Family

Fourth Pick: McCartney Family

Fifth Pick: Scofield Family

Sixth Pick: Ericson Family

Seventh Pick: Rendine Family



First Pick: Moskalets Family

Second Pick: Scofield Family

Third Pick: Hunter family

Fourth Pick: Rendine Family




Libby’s Litter born on




First Pick: Hernandez Family

Second Pick: Mihlke Family

Third Pick: Scofield Family







Dutton’s Bo Beau is our Stud for all breeding's!

We have 12 families on the Reserve Puppy List. It looks like more due to the fact that most families don’t care what litter or maybe they aren’t sure if they want a male or female. As soon as the families start picking their puppies, the other families will move up the list fast! Due to Mommies being very protective of their babies, no visitors till three weeks of age. First pick families have up to 4 weeks of age to make their pick, so please be patient for your turn.