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Reserve Puppy List

How do I get on the Reserve Puppy list?:           Answer…………………….

1. Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to me.

2. Whether you are accepted or not, I will e-mail to let you know.

3. Call at any time, I’m more than happy to answer any questions.

4. A $400.00 deposit will hold your place on the list.

5. Deposits are not excepted until pregnancy is confirmed.

6. Your place on the puppy reserve list is by time order of your questionnaire . 


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                   How families are put on the Puppy Reserve List.

The date of receiving the questionnaire is the time order the families are put on the list, it doesn’t go by when I except your questionnaire and inform you that you have been excepted.

Not all families are accepted.

I will give an example of how the puppy reserve list works:

Your questionnaire is received on January 1st, You are accepted, the next family puts in their questionnaire on January 10th, and the second family is excepted for the reserve list. The second family will be put below the first family. The factor of Male / Female also comes in line.


                 Male                                                              Female

 “Family Blue” First male (Jan 1,2021)                “Family Red” First female (Dec. 5,2020)   

 “Family Green” Second Male (March 9, 2021)   “Family Blue” Second female (Jan 1,2021)

 “Family Pink” Third Male ( April 2, 2021)            “Family Pink” Third female ( April 2, 2021)           


Sometimes families are not sure of male / female, so I will put them on both, to cover their bases, once they make their pick, then other families will move up the list fast.

Any questions, please e-mail or call me.

            Dutton’s Bo Beau Fresh Start


     Dutton’s Thundering Viola Black Magic

                N.K.C Registered  $900.00

                   Litter coming Fall 2020!



        First Pick: “Mac Donald Family”  (Deposit in)

        Second Pick: ‘Crary Family”   (Deposit in)

        Third Pick: ‘Croach Family”   (Deposit in)

        Forth Pick: “Lempesis Family” 

        Fifth Pick: ‘Moore Family” 

        Sixth Pick: “Odell Family”



        First Pick: “Mac Donald Family” (Deposit in)

        Second Pick: “Lempesis Family’’ 

        Third Pick: “Moore Family”

         Forth Pick: “Highland Family”



         We are not excepting new Questionnaires till Fall 2021.

                            Both the Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

                            Puppy Reserve lists are closed!

           Dutton’s Bo Beau Fresh Start


     Dutton’s Rosemary Dew Of The Sea

               Litter coming Spring 2021!

     A.K.C & N.K.C Registered  $1,000.00


        First Pick: “Rees Family”

        Second Pick: “Lempesis Family” 

        Third Pick: ‘Moore Family”

        Forth Pick: “Odell Family” 



        First Pick: “Rees Family”

        Second Pick: “Lempesis Family’’ 

        Third Pick: “Hale Family”

        Forth Pick: “Moore Family”

        Fifth Pick: “Highland Family”