24.  What is a Patch beagle?

The 'patch' beagle strain is attributed to Willet Randall of New York who began his strain around 1880. His and the 'patch' beagle story are chronicled in a book called 'Wilderness Patchwork'. Many people today call lemon & white or red & white beagles a patch beagle. Sometimes any pied Beagle (Open marked or Irish spotting) primarily of hunting/field trial utility were referred to as patch hounds, as well. These primarily white dogs were very much in demand in the 40's and 50's for their running skill. Genetically they are white-colored background hounds with a very large tri-colored spot.



25.  My female is in "heat". What should I do?

A normal part of the female dog's reproductive cycle is called being "in heat" or being "in season".  It will begin with vaginal bleeding or spotting and progress to a heavier discharge, gradually becoming lighter in color and then going away completely. During this time the female, or bitch's, vulva is very swollen and sensitive.  If your female is not of breeding quality or is too young to breed (you should really wait until they are about 2 years of age), you will want to keep her isolated during this time.  By isolation, we do not mean putting her in the backyard, no matter how secure you think it is. While she might not be able to get out, although she might be so inclined, there will be plenty of male dogs trying to get in, and you never know when one might succeed. It would be much better to keep her contained in the house or garage where she is absolutely secure. (Be sure to watch her or put her in a crate or separate room if you have to open the front door).  She can be exercised in your own backyard, although you might want to take her out on a lead, even there, or you can carry her to the car (don't walk her as she will leave her scent for any male to catch and you may answer the doorbell to see some Lothario sitting there with bated breath and a silly grin on his face (don't laugh, it's happened).  Once in the car, drive to a place where you can exercise her on lead. Once she is done, carry her back to the car and home, carrying her back into the house.  You will probably find that she will need to urinate more frequently while she is in season too, since the same hormones that cause the external swelling also cause some of her other organs to swell and put more pressure on the bladder.  You can protect your furniture and carpets by using some of the panties that are sold for such a purpose, although she might find them too uncomfortable and chew them off; or you can cover the furniture with washable blankets, quilts etc., or keep her confined to a crate or other room for the duration.

The duration of the heat is basically about 3 weeks long, although some bitches will go 4 weeks. Usually, but not always, after about the first 7 days she is considered breedable and any breeding that takes place during this time will result in pregnancy. The breeding period last about another week and a half, but don't take anything in the textbooks as gospel because dogs do vary.  Many bitches will stop bleeding once they are ready to breed, but some don't, and might bleed through the entire season. Just because they have stopped bleeding, don't assume they are out of heat.  And then she'll repeat the whole thing in about another 6 months.

If you are considering breeding, please make sure your female receives the necessary x-rays and blood work to assure she is not carrying any known hereditary diseases which can be tested for, in addition to knowing the standard to be sure she is a good representative of the breed with no disqualifying faults, and knowing full well the problems, both financial and physical, that can arise when undertaking a breeding

In Conclusion…

Beagles make wonderful family companions, for the right family. Their typically gentle nature and fun loving personality are suitable for families with children. Social animals, they usually get along well with other family pets. Generally speaking, they can be independent and have a tendency to roam, due to hundreds of years of selective breeding for hunting instincts. For this reason, it is always highly recommended that Beagles have a securely fenced yard to exercise in. Like people, dogs have unique personalities. Some Beagles are very energetic while others are rather mellow. You should try to locate a hound that fits both your expectations and lifestyle.

If your Beagle is going to be a member of the family, and not exhibited in shows or field trials or bred, it is highly recommended to spay or neuter him/her, not only to reduce the amount of unwanted animals, but also for the long term health of your pet.



26.  What is a "Kerry" Beagle

Kerry Beagles are really not beagles at all (despite the name), but a variety of foxhound found in Ireland. They are a big, black and tan hound. There are probably no Kerry Beagles in this country at all, unless imported and incorporated into one of the organized fox hunting packs

The closest thing in America that would resemble one, would be the black and tan coonhound; they are quite similar in general appearance. Although in certain portions of the USA, it has been common for members of the hunting faction to refer to dark blue tricolor beagles as "Kerry", possibly due to the similarity in saddle color to the Kerry Blue Terrier. So what some might call a Kerry Beagle might be just a dark blue tricolor beagle.



Remember, always buy from a reputable, responsible breeder!

Pet shops and dealers can not be relied upon to provide you with healthy puppies. They may do their best, but can not guarantee the health care provided before they received the puppy, nor the medical or genetic background & early socialization. A responsible breeder plans each litter carefully and follows up their puppies with a lifetime commitment to provide advice and rehome if/when a problem arises. So always buy from a reputable breeder.


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Beagles are a pack dog, if you don’t have other pets for them to pack with then you and your family have the responsibility to be the pack, and no mater what YOU, are the pack leader!


Beagles love to find a sent and follow it! Please make your yard escape proof!

For a happy family with a Beagle it is recommended to take your puppy to classes for “Home Companion”


Your beagle acts like it is choking!!  It is standing with head down, neck extended, front legs spread wide and making horrible air sucking sounds.  His ribs are sticking out and his stomach sucked in....he can't stop.!!  Many owners rush their beagle to the vet thinking they have choked on something.  When arriving at the vets your beagle jumps out of car without any signs of the previous respiratory distress....

Probably he was doing the famous beagle snort-or more properly known as a reverse sneeze.  It is not harmful to them.  Here are a couple of  videos of  a reverse sneezing.






The exact cause of reverse sneezing is unknown, but it may be associated with sinusitis, allergies and other upper respiratory disorders.
Many believe affected dogs are consciously removing mucus from the nasal passages.  You can help you beagle stop by placing you hand over his nose or rubbing his throat.  Getting him to swallow or take a deep breath will help him to stop making that horrible gasping noise.  But remember reverse sneezing is not harmful and a common occurrence in beagles.