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Lavender & Libby Summer 2017

Jeff is showing the Beagles our new Cat!

We play with the dogs every day.

They love playing ball and other games.

Our Beagle’s main kennel has over 7000sf. of outside run, beautiful green grass and large trees for shade. The main house is 8x8 and equipped with electric for lights, monitoring and heating in the winter. We also have a separate kennel that is a 9x12, roofed and bricked, for temporary holding or breeding.  We have built a new 36 x 12 Office/Grooming shop for me and my Beagles to enjoy each other's company. We have almost completed the grooming room, in the grooming room we have a washer/dryer, plus a wash tub, the grooming table and separate kennels for all dogs will be done this year. The whelping house for new mommies has a 7x7 room for whelping with a doggie door. to a 6 x 20 run that’s totally secure with roof and fencing to protect puppies from any hazards.

We have a 1200sf. run on the backside, which we will use as soon as we finish connecting that run and the large run to the shop.

Our Beagles are a big part of our lives, like our Daughter said one day, “This isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life”. I am proud of what we have done here and my goal is to just make it even better:)

We love to see our babies, so we do occasionally board any of our babies if the families need it and we have the room. During puppy season we never have room or time, so families please check with us. Boarding is $20.00 a day.


Xiao Yi’s first litter

         Puppy play :)

Summer puppies :)

Waiting for the sun to come out.

Daisy Mae-Peaches-Finley and Nikia in front. ( they have all pasted now…. I miss them all )

3 Generations of my favorite line


Puppy play :)

6 week puppies in the playpen

Basil & Xiao Yi  2013                                         1 day old.

        Kids playing in run                                      Nicole socializing puppies                                                   Nap time :)

Lavender & Basil playing.

Nikia & Rusty, our first two dogs, expecting their first litter. We have come a long way Baby! :) 2002

Just can’t ignore all this puppy cuteness!

___________Lazy Summer days___________

The Gang 2016                                                                       The Gang 2015

Were is dinner?

Are puppies are doggie door trained.

Puppies are cat socialized

Lavender at the Igloos                                      Viola 5 months old                            Libby coming out of main house

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