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Dutton’s Bo Beau Fresh Start

A.K.C. & N.K.C. Registered

Pedigree: CH.  Ha-Penny’s Too Much Trouble

                 GCH. Belcanto Flags A’Flyin

                 CH.  Hottex Rowdy Daddy’s Boy

                 CH.  Jabrwoki’s The Big Chill

                          Hottex Hunting For Camelot

                 CH.  Liveoak Waltz Across Texas

                          Jimmie’s Beagle Boy

                 CH. Rowdy’s Magnificent Obsession

                 CH. “Skyline in  Scentini’s Chitchat            

                         Bo Beau growing up at his breeders home “Hottex Beagles”

Bo Beau came to us as a birthday present to me back in March of 2014. We needed a new stud introduced to our kennel and we were blessed to receive him! I have never seen a beagle so happy to meet his new family, I was very pleased to see him fit in so well.

Bo Beau was born on July 30th 2013 to a wonderful breeder that wanted him to be a show champion, but found out he was to much of a sacredly-cat in the show ring, so he was kind enough to let us have him. 

We have now had him for 6 years. This boy is a very sweet and loving guy, with a wonderful temperament and superior conformation. Bo Beau’s Pedigree is outstanding! His Grand Sire is shown here, please take a look :)

▶ BIS GCH. CH. Belcanto Flags A'Flyin aka "Corbin" - YouTube




    “Hottex’s Just A Silly Blond”


  CH. “Hottex’s  Rowdy Daddy’s Boy” 

             “Grand Father”

   GCH. “Belcanto Flags A’Flyin”

Bo Beau at 8 months old right after I got him as my Birthday gift from my Husband :)

Some of Bo Beau’s Puppies

Dutton’s Bo Beau 2 1/2 years old


Bo Beau 4 years old         (2017)           Bo Beau waiting for Dinner

Bo Beau & Basil Ann 2017

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           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”

                 “Grand Mother”

CH “Rowdy’s Magnificent Obsession”

         “Grand Father”                           “Grand Mother”

“Hottex’s Hunting for Camelot”   “Wayne’s Little Baby Girl”

GCH. “Belcanto Flags A’Flyin’s Parents”

     CH. “Penny’s              CH. “Skyline in

Too Much Trouble”   Scentini’s Chitchat”              

 CH Rowdy’s Magnificent Obsession’s Parents”

        CH. “Liveoak         CH. “Irish Coffey

   Waltz Across Texas”    Shades of Green “              

“Hottex’s Hunting for Camelot’s Parents”

  CH. “Jabrwoki’s          “Bruchyrun

   The Big Chill”               Phoebe”

     “Wayne’s Little Baby Girl’s Parents”

         “Jimmie’s                   “Billy’s

      Beagle Boy”        Deep Water Lillie”

7 years old