Dutton’s Libby Montana

A.K.C. & N.K.C. Registered

Pedigree: Dutton’s Troy Ounce

                 Dutton’s Danali The Great One

                 CH. Coldwater Raising A Ruckus

                 CH. Alamo’s El Maximo

                 CH. Alamo Little Egypt Of Lanbur

                 CH. Car-Don’s Mischief Maker

                 CH. Lanbur Moonlight N Roses

                 Dutton’s Peaches

                 Caulderwood’s Barney Clay

                 Caulderwood’s Lady Annabelle

                 Dutton’s Finley

                 FC. Crane Creek Billy

                 FC. Dickline Luke

                 FC. Happy Run Big Apple



Text Box: Libby’s

Libby 2 weeks old                          Libby 4 weeks old                                 Libby 6 weeks old

         “Mother”                                                                                                    “Father”

 “Dutton’s Peaches”                                                                                    “Dutton’s  Troy”


Libby is the female that has 3 generations of the “Dutton Beagles” line. Libby is A.K.C. & N.K.C. Registered and was born June 19th 2013.

She is from great bloodlines, she stands at 14”.

Libby has had 6 litters now and will only have one more in 2021. All of her puppies have turned out wonderful!  Libby is an outgoing lady, full of energy and we call her “The Teenager”. Libby has the body of her Grandma “Princess Bella Mia.”  and the head of her Grandma “Denali the Great One”.

Libby’s pups would make wonderful field beagles, or great for an active family, full of energy and eager to please.


   “Grandmother”                               “Grandfather”

“Princess Bella Mia”                     “Batman Lemon Bolt”

     “Grandmother”                                    “Grandfather”

    “Dutton’s Denali”                                  “Dutton’s Finley”

Libby 4 months old

Libby 9 weeks

Libby & Rocky playing with their toys :)

Libby enjoying the toy box

Libby 3 months old

Libby playing with her brother             He legs are in a hole, lol!

Libby 1 1/2 years old

Some of Libby’s puppies

Left & Right Profile :)

Libby Montana 4  1/2 years old

Libby very pregnant

I think she smells something yummy on Nicole’s fingers  :)

Text Box:                         Dutton Beagles
           “Home Of The Hounds Kennel ”

Libby at 10 weeks……………………...Same pose at 4 months

1 year old

  “Batman Lemon Bolt’s Parents”                        

   “Pine View”                “Pine View”

      “Molly”               “Jumping Jack”              

      “Dutton’s Denali’s Parents”          

“Calderwoods”          “Calderwoods

 “Lady Annabelle”      “Barney Clay”

     “Princess Belle Mia’s Parents”   

    FC “Glorilyn”          FC “Crane”

         “Lisa”                 “Creek Billy”         

           “Dutton’s Finley’s Parents”

     “Murphy Creek’s    CH. “Coldwater’s

      “Flirty Miss”           “Raising Ruckus”