Hello and welcome to our site! We have a great passion for our Beagles, and do our very best to give them the life they deserve.  All of our Beagles are AKC &/or NKC registered. We have over 18 years experience in the life of beagles, and we are on our 4th generation with our original line.

At the moment we have 6 Beagles. We have two or three litters a year, and we do ship to anywhere in the USA.

Please take a look at all of our family, and please e-mail us or call, if you have any questions or comments.

Prices and other information are on “Litter Info page.”

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Many people send us pictures of puppies that came from here, some even come for a visit! We love seeing how are babies grow up. Here’s a few of my favorite ones.

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Please Read! Very important!

This is our Policies & Requirements form that we stand by. Every customer will receive one with their deposit.

It is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during the first 72 hrs, following travel / and or pick-up from “Home Of The Hounds Kennel”, the cost of this veterinarian visit and any other Veterinarian visit in the future, plus any procedures or treatment done by the buyer’s veterinarian for said puppy, will be the responsibility of the buyer for the life of said puppy. We offer a 5 year health guarantee for any life threatening genetic illness due to our breeding. In the case of a hereditary defect being discovered and is to such an extent that it makes the puppy unsuitable as a pet or death accrues, we will give the buyer a credit in the value of what the buyer paid for their puppy and at that time we will get the buyer on the Puppy Reserve List for the next available litter. Shipping for said puppy will not be covered, that is up to the owner. We will need to receive signed documentation of the prognosis from a licensed veterinarian, and the veterinarian must state on signed documentation that said puppy’s prognosis is to such an extent that it makes the puppy unsuitable as a pet, or death accrued, to receive credit. There is no refund for said puppy. “Home Of The Hounds Kennel” is not responsible for any of the incurred Veterinary bills due to your puppies illness, it is also agreed that if legal proceedings would ever be needed that the proceedings would be held in the jurisdiction of Kootenai County, Idaho.

No guarantees are made as to the size, color, conformation, temperament or breeding ability of said puppy.

Puppies are not guaranteed to win any titles whether they are show or pet quality.

The owners of any puppy bought from “Home Of The Hounds Kennel” has the responsibility to inform “Home Of The Hounds Kennel” that their puppy has been placed in a new home. We realize there may be some reason for you to part with your puppy, if your only option is to take him or her to the Humane Society, we request the said puppy be brought back to us, We will do our best to find said puppy a wonderful home. Our goal is to make sure all of our puppies are with a qualified and loving family. There will be no refund of any amount when brought back to “Home Of The Hounds Kennel”. (There is a two week grace period from purchase date of said puppy, that you may receive a discounted refund of 50% of the original purchase price.)

Deposits are accepted (U.S. funds only) to hold a position in a litter, or an upcoming litter, in the amount of $400.00 per puppy. Your deposit is only refundable if you are on the list for an upcoming litter, and the puppy you wanted wasn’t born, or your puppy that you picked has become sick / injured or dies before you take him/her home from “Home Of The Hounds Kennel”, your deposit will be refunded at this time, or you can choose to wait for a litter at a later date. Prospective buyers agree and are under this contract when deposit is received.

“Home Of The Hounds Kennel” will have all vaccinations required for your puppy when he/she is picked up from us. Only the best of vaccines will be administered. Your puppy will be dewormed as many times as necessary for his/her age, and a check up at the veterinarian will also be provided, prior to you receiving your puppy.

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